World’s End


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World’s End is an exciting adventure perfect for introducing players to Fantastic Worlds. The scenario can play with anywhere from 2-6 teams of equal leveled teams. The scenario was designed to be played on a specially designed lava terrain board, but the simplicity of the set-up means it is perfect to play with little or no scenery at all. All the action takes place on flat surfaces of rock interspersed with rivers of lava. Except for a few rock protrusions the board is very level. An easy board design for the game would only require a couple of squares of felt, one brown and one red. Lay a 2×2 piece of red felt flat. Use the brown felt to cut out the rock level. Follow the map below, or feel free to design your own. Use scraps to build bridges over the lava and small islands in the lava. One of the fun aspects of the scenario is that the world is literally crumbling around the character’s feet. Felt pieces can be removed to indicate an island sinking or a bridge crumbling. A couple of small rock pieces to represent small volcanoes would finish the board.


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