The Seven Azure Princesses of Sedona V


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Graaf Achendross does not desire the seven princesses as a husband, or as a lover, or even as a twisted kind of father. Instead, he cherishes them as a miser cherishes his hoard and he guards them with all the might at his disposal. Each of the Seven Princesses is kept in a different place, under guard, and no one is allowed to see them or speak to them under penalty of the direst torture. Graaf Achendross trots the Princesses out under heavy guard whenever he needs to make a particularly onerous proclamation to his subjects, or whenever he is obliged to raise taxes, or to wage a fruitless war, or whenever he feels his grip on power slipping by even the tiniest amount.

Now Humankind and its allies have entered into conflict with Sedona V on several fronts, and every skirmish with Sedonian forces has been carefully orchestrated by the terrible Graaf Achendross as a pretext and a provocation for all-out war.

The heads of Star Command intelligence have made a careful study of Sedonian culture and history and the lynch-pin of Sedonian society has been determined to be the Seven Princesses. It has been determined that if someone could be daring enough to rescue any or all of the Seven Princesses from Graaf Achendross’s control, a great cultural shift will take place that could turn the Sedonian Empire from a dreadful threat into a potential friend and ally.

The decision has been made and the call goes out:

“Send for Grif Ingram!”


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