The Galacticon


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The Galacticon is a collection of heroes and villains to use in your Fantastic Worlds games. The characters run the gamut from sword and planet space opera to rayguns, jetbikes and spaceships type characters. Also included are a handful of creatures to pit your characters against in your games.


The Commander assigned to investigate and begin conquering the planet the Rygallans refer to as ANEX 9272 (known to us as Earth) was X’all Xante, Calor of Battle Rocket X-19.  Especially cunning and cruel (but with a poet’s heart), Xante set plans in motion for the invasion of Earth’s Solar System. He and his handpicked crew arrived early to scout and make plans, completely unaware that, in Earth, they had bitten off more than they could chew.

As he made his evil plans, Xante was discovered and thwarted by Earth Hero Grif Ingram. Ingram and his small rag-tag fleet of rockets managed to force Xante out of Earth’s system. In the days before Star Command, the human fleets were behind much of the galaxy in technology, but the tenacity and ingenuity of Ingram and his crew still overwhelmed the Rygallan scouts.



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