About Us

Oddman Productions is the new home for Fantastic Worlds. As the original author of FW (and its supplement Planet X), I was thrilled when the good folk at Rattrap Productions gave me this opportunity to continue the line. Over the years several ideas for expansions have been considered and I am looking forward to exploring many of them.
The expansions will include a sci-fi/western supplement for all of us who loved Firefly and Serenity (not to mention many of the genre bending books that have been released over the years) and a squad based large action pulp sci-fi supplement

Our first release was a character compendium for Fantastic Worlds entitled 'The Galacticon'. This features small character write ups and pre-written characters to start dozens of different games of Fantastic Worlds. Our next release is a jet bike racing game entitled 'Burners!'. Look for it by years end.

The store is open and contains a free scenario entitled 'World's End'. More releases will be added in late May. Meanwhile you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on what's happening.